Other things to note


The cancellation policy is different according to the timeframe of the booking.

Please check listing thoroughly for cancellation information before booking.

There is no refund for Covid-19 related cancellations.

Guests assume all risks when booking.

Cleaning –

Considering supplies and recent extensive cleaning precautions, cleaning generally costs more than what is charged and is subsidized with reservation costs. This is to give the customer a substantial value on cleaning. Our workers come out of their way to this rural location to provide this service.

We have always followed a stringent cleaning procedure.

We generally have 3-4 workers on site between bookings to make it all happen.

All linens are washed in our recently built, personal Laundromat with 5 high capacity washers and dryers.

We use Tide or Arm&Hammer detergent with Gain Fabric softener.

We also incorporate vinegar or bleach as needed with each wash.

Hot tub is always drained and re-filled between bookings along with bromine added.

Pool is maintained between each booking or once a week for longer stays to ensure proper chlorine & PH levels.

Pool is also skimmed and filter washed.

Switches, knobs and surfaces are wiped down with barbicide.

Floors moped.

Please try not to arrive early to the property and just help yourselves in.

As floor may be wet or the ozone generator may be running.

Check-in is generally at 4:00pm unless otherwise specified.

We have also recently incorporated Ozone treatment between each booking using a 48g/h Ozone Generator. Ozone gas is extremely effective at removing odors and pathogen through molecular oxidation.

There are numerous studies that show Ozone gas is able to destroy the SARS coronavirus.

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas created from oxygen atoms. The oxygen molecule is made up of 2 oxygen atoms. These oxygen molecules are broken into atoms by the corona discharge during lightning storms or by UV light from the Sun. Single oxygen atoms cannot exist alone without regrouping back into di-atomic oxygen molecules. During this recombination stage some atoms will regroup into loosely bonded tri-atomic oxygen. This new molecule is called Ozone or O3.

The ozone generator is ran for about 1 hour and the house is aired out for an additional 30min. Along with the air conditioner running to ensure airway sanitation and even distribution of the Ozone gas.

This is a proven safe and effective method used in hospitals.

It is also a trade secret in large hotels used to remove cigarette smoke odors from non-smoking rooms.

Other things to note-

Motorhomes welcome, but no motorhome hookups.

Sleeps the following;

sleeps 2- large bedroom with California king

sleeps 2- bedroom, 1 queen sized bed

sleeps 2- bedroom, 1 full sized bed

sleeps 4- living room, 2 queen sized inflatable air mattress

About the water supply:

We recently added a pelican whole house water treatment system.

House is supplied by a hot water well, around 105f before settling and cooling in a supply tank. This water is similar to the water from a natural desert hot spring. I have enjoyed this water for years, as it is clean and refreshing with natural minerals. But like tap water, please drink bottled water.

Common Questions and Answers;

Q. What time is check-in?

A. 4:00pm


Q. Is early check in available?

A. Possibly, only if there is not another booking the day before.

Unlike a hotel, the entire property must be prepared from guest to guest, dealing with surprise maintenance issues along the way. I strive to offer you a 5 star experience and this generally requires a 50point checklist between bookings. With only a few hour window between bookings, I would not want to sacrifice the quality of your stay for a couple hours of time.

You are welcome to inquire the morning of check in to see if early check in is available.


Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Yes, you are welcome to bring your pets. No extra deposit or charge for pets.

Max 2 pets.

But the human owner must abide by the pet rules:

1)Do not leave pets un-attended inside home. This is a vacation home, not a kennel.

2)Owner claims all responsibility associated with their pets actions.

3)No pets on bedding or furniture, as this can permanently damage the sheets with stains of dirt, mud, hair and other allergens or odors.

4)No pets in pool or spa. As the hair clogs the filter system and may cause damage to the pump.

5)Do not lock pets in outdoor room. They may damage the bamboo.

6)Please pick-up after your pets since they can’t pick it up themselves.

7) PETS NOT ALLOWED DURING RAINY SEASON. Extra charge if we have to wipe mud from the walls or ceiling.

$20+ Extra cleaning & sanitation PER INSTANCE if your animal relief themselves in the home and this is not completely cleaned up.

Please do not bring your pets if you think you are un-able to control them.

I kindly ask that guests abide by these rules so I can continue to offer no extra charge for pets.


Q. What else do I need to bring?

A. The refrigerator is lightly stocked with some a few bottles of complementary water and cans of soda. But I would recommend to bring the following:

1)Extra water and food supplies.

2)Personal toiletries such as tooth brush & toothpaste, Q-tips, feminine hygiene, etc and clothing.

3)Cooking supplies. There are some cooking supplies in the house, but you may want to bring additional cookware as desired.

4)BBQ supplies such as charcoal, lighter fluid, aluminum foil. Sometimes these items may be present and you are welcome to use.


Q. How do I check out?


1) Please leave the keys in the original location. There is a $25 lost key fee if the keys are not to be found.

2) Please leave used towels in the provided laundry basket.

3) Please do not leave dirty dishes.

4) Please please close windows and doors and leave deadbolt to door and gate UNlocked.

5) Please try to check out by 11:00am, please inquire if you need more time.


Q. What is there to do in the area?


1) Drive in Movies at Smiths Ranch on Adobe Rd

2) Periodic live entertainment at the Palms Restaurant & Bar on Amboy Rd

3) Tortoise Rock Casino at Adobe Rd & Baseline Rd

4) Fireworks at Lukie Park on the 4th of July & other seasonal events

5) Visit Joshua Tree National Park Visitors Center & Oasis On Utah Trail

6) Twentynine Palms Airport offers flight / glider lessons

7) Historic gold mine area exploration near Gold Crown & Hwy 62

8) Seasonal Grand Prix Dirt Bike events on Hwy 62

9) Seasonal Music Festivals

10) Nothing. Enjoy the peace and quiet 🙂

Upon booking, Guests MUST agree our RELEASE & WAIVER OF LIABILITY to stay at the Sunlight Retreat.

All minors must be accompanied by an adult the entire visit.

The Guest understands that there are special risks with the use hot tub or whirlpool tubs. Guest is aware there are potential dangers to children who are not carefully supervised, as well as any person using a hot tub or whirlpool tub too long or if a person has health risks, is intoxicated, using any kind of drugs or medication, or pregnant. Guest agrees to waive any claim whatsoever against Owners or other guests of property for accidents or injury arising from use of hot tub or whirlpool tubs. Guest agrees that he/she is responsible and liable for any damages that occur to the hot tub or whirlpool tub through their or their guest’s misuse or negligence.

Guest also understand that this Release & Waiver of Liability irrevocably and unconditionally releases and holds harmless all Releases from any financial or other liability for any injury, bodily harm, sickness, illness, or loss of life that I as a Guest or family member or friend may suffer and from any economic harm or loss of property occurring during, caused by, relating to, or arising in any way out of staying at this rental.

We are not responsible for lost, misplaced, forgotten or missing items.

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